Easily Seek Out The Fish, No Matter Where He Is Hiding With The Humminbird Piranha MAX 30 Portable

Published: 28th June 2006
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The Humminbird Piranha 30 portable is a great tool for any fisherman to have. The fact that it is portable makes it an ideal unit to use. Having a great, high quality fishfinder is something that every fisherman needs to have. Why? Because it cuts down on the wait and the searching and allows you to find your fish hot spot within minutes. Let's take a look at some of the features that the Piranha 30 has to offer you.

First, its portable feature is one of the best out there. Yes, the rugged portable case protects your fishfinder while you move it from place to place. This is a necessity! But, it also features a built in transducer cable wrap with cover, suction cup transducer with mount to just about anything, and its no skid bottom helps to keep it in its place. But, really, these things are only the tip of the iceberg for this fishfinder.

The Piranha 30 is a high definition unit that offers a 160V by 132 H Display. A pretty good size for a portable unit! It offers the New SmartCast advanced Remote sonar sensor. This allows for 4 level grayscale sonar, water temperature and programmable light. All that may sound good but how well does it fit with your needs?

Its going to deliver for you a clear picture with a good level of grayscale. That means clarity. It will give you information you need to find you fish like the water temperature guage. And, to allow you to fish 24 hours a day, it provides a light as well.

It offers a 20 degree single beam sonar that can reach a depth of 600 feet. It will deliver for you a clear idea of what is happening and lurking in the water below with this type of sonar. And, with this, it also allows you to use the easy One-Touch control for access to the full set of advanced features as well.

You can easily position yourself to lure in your fish. You can easily seek out the fish, no matter where he is hiding.

For a portable unit, the Piranha 30 is the ideal piece of equipment to take on any fishing adventure.

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