Humminbird PiranhaMAX 15 - Seeing Is Believing And Catching Fish

Published: 13th July 2006
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The Humminbird Piranha 15 is simply too good not to own. It has some of the best features, the best looking displays and the most ability to help you find your fish. Going without this fishfinder is like going blind into a dark, unexplored room. It allows you to find your fish and structures below the water's surface. You will not go home with an empty cooler from a lake full of fish because with this type of technology, you'll find them fast!

Here are the features that the Humminbird 15 has to offer all fisherman out there.

The high definition 160V by 132 H display is a great find in and of itself. It offers fisherman the clear, crisp image that they need to see what's going on below them.

But, what gets put onto this display is what matters. The Piranha 15 offers a 60 degree dual bean sonar. This is essentially awesome because it gives you a wider area to check out. You also get better bottom floor definition. See clearer, see better, and you can easily see what to do next. Cast now, or move your location?

The sonar will show you your fish in several ways. Those that are below you will be solid and those next to your boat will be hollow. This allows for a good idea of where things are below you. Use your skills to land your line in the perfect location then.

The greyscale used in the MAX 15 is four level which means that it will deliver for you a clear image that is more defined. This allows for a great picture that will allow you a better understanding of the images you are seeing.

Other features include water temperature gauges, an ultra compact size and a 3 level backlight so you can fish anytime you want to, day or night.

Seeing is believing and catching! Especially when you are using the Piranha MAX 15. You get a great, high definition display that will tell you just where your fish are hiding. It will help you find them, lure them, and of course, catch them as well.

Have a great trip everytime because, well, it will be a successful one everytime as well.

Niall is a keen fisherman always looking at new tools to help him catch more fish. Visit Fish Finder Review for more information and great deals to help you find a Humminbird PiranhaMAX 15 or other Humminbird GPS/Sonar marine navigation systems.

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