One Of The Best Portable Fish Finding Units You Can Buy - Bottom Line Fishin Buddy 1101

Published: 19th September 2006
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The Buddy 1101 is one of the best portable fish finding units that you can purchase. It offers some of the best in features while still being easy enough to move around to take from boat to boat or to use in secluded areas. You will get many benefits out of using the Buddy 1101. Here are some of its features.

We start with the 128 vertical pixel display. It is just the right size to allow for the perfect viewing on a portable level. Yet, it is still clear enough to handle in any situation. You also get 1000 Watts of Peak to Peak Power. That is just the right amount of power as well. It will read the water temperature to help you determine whether or not your fish is in the area as well. You get a depth alarm as well. The grayscale used will help to make that picture clearer and more precise for the perfect clarity to help you understand it. You even get enough light to use your Fishin' Buddy 1101 in the dark!

The Buddy 1101 offers quite a bit of features at a value price. It allows you to have the ability to find and lure in your fish every time. You will be impressed with your ability to find, lure in, and catch your fish with this system.

And, when it all comes down to it, you'll also be able to impress your friends with a cooler full of fish every time you head out onto the water.

Niall is a keen fisherman always looking at new tools to help him catch more fish. Visit Fish Finder Review for more information and great deals to help you find a Bottom Line Fishin Buddy 1101 or other Bottom Line fishfinders.

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