The Fishfinder That Every Fisherman Needs To Get Their Hands On - Humminbird Piranha MAX 20

Published: 24th July 2006
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Anyone looking for a seriously great fishfinding tool, simply must have the Piranha MAX 20. This is truly an awesome fishfinding tool. It will allow you to have the best of the best in fish finding features. It will deliver for you a crisp, clear display that will allow you see what is happening below the water's surface. This gives you the extreme in high quality and the great results that you need. Why would anyone head out onto the lake without one of these? Here are some of the features that the Piranha MAX 20 has to offer.

We will start with the fact that the Piranha MAX 20 offers one of the highest levels of high definition out there. At 240V by 160H display, you will find a great image is only seconds away every time. Let's face it, the better you can see, the better you'll be able to find your fish. Don't hold back with this feature!

But, the Piranha MAX 20 also comes with a great source for high quality images as well. With a 60 degree dual beam sonar, it will deliver for you a clear image of a wider area. It will allow you to see what is under and next to your boat and give you a good, clearer image of the bottom. See what is lurking there. See what structures are below. You will have your images displayed for you in high quality and with an easy way to tell where you are as well. The fish that are below your boat will be solid while the images of the fish next to it, will be hollow. This allows for a good understanding of what is right below you so that you can plan your course of action appropriately.

All of this and still more - that's what the Piranha MAX 20 has to offer you. You get easy one-touch access to advanced features so you can have the latest and greatest at your fingertips. You also get water temperature gauges and easy mount, mount anywhere features as well. Three level backlight allows you to fish anytime you want. Simply put this is the fishfinder that every fisherman needs to get their hands on.

The Piranha MAX 20 is supreme - highly recommended!

Niall is a keen fisherman always looking at new tools to help him catch more fish. Visit Fish Finder Review for more information and great deals to help you find a Humminbird PiranhaMAX 20 or other Humminbird GPS/Sonar marine navigation systems.

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